Stinger S-1 Racing Alcohol

This 99.9% AA clear Alcohol is the highest quality available within the industry. Insinger Performance has been supplying methanol for 25+ years and S-1 Stinger Racing Alcohol has the #1 in its name for a reason, it’s the #1 choice of racers. S-1 WILL pass the water test and is used consistently in Drag Racing, Oval Track-Sprint Cars, Hydroplane Racing and Tractor Pulling applications. Mike Janis Racing utilized this exact product to win the 2018 Pro Modified Championship!

Fuel Specifications

Standard Conditions Data
Octane (R+M)/2
Research Octane
Motor Octane Number (MON)
Specific Gravity
Reid Vapor Pressure (PSI)
A/F Ratio Stoich
Oxygen Content (%weight)

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Insinger Performance is a 35 year old Petroleum company who distributes fuels for Home, Farm, Commercial, Convenience Stores, and supplier of special blends for the Natural Gas and Oil Industry. Insinger also is a large supplier of Race Fuels covering many states in the US and also Canada

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