No Prep Mania in Ohio - Billy Hoskinson and SRC take the WIN!

Stinger S-1 Racing Methanol flowing through this S-10
September 1, 2020

Small Tire winner - Billy Hoskinson bested a 31 car field at No Prep Mania over the weekend to get to victory lane. Congratulation to him, his family and friends.

2 comments on “No Prep Mania in Ohio - Billy Hoskinson and SRC take the WIN!”

  1. Hello Billy,You have a lot of followers of all ages. I'm 76 years old.and a big fan of yours. Your new project( the Nova) has great potential,the big block is the way to go,but you don't need an aluminum block. An iron block with aluminum heads will be just right, you'll be glad you have a little extra weight up front to keep the car on the ground. The car will be much lighter with way
    more power and the car will hook hard with the 4 link. Remember how the S-10 would go on the back bumper with way less
    power. Enough of my rambling, good luck and go straight and win races !! A fan from Eastlake,Ohio.

  2. Back in the day, (1969) there was a bunch of us who street raced. I had a 1964 GTO with a .60 over 427 chevy. 12 1/2 to 1 pistons. Basically an L88 with a big cam(general kinetics), high rise,4500 dominator,and 2 1/8 headers. I ran a big chrysler 4 speed and a 57 pontiac rear with 4:88s and a pinion snubber. I used to drive around with M&H slicks. Back then you could buy
    pump gas. We had 280 Sunoco(108 octane) at 29 cents a gallon. Now that i'm an old man, i relive my past through young
    guys like you ! Go racing an stay safe.

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